OGS Principals Over The Years

Mr S.O. Ajayi.
The pioneer Principal.
Mr. Ajayi was Principal from 1943 through 44.

Rev. Olafimihan

Rev J.B. Olafimihan.
The late Rev J.B. Olafimihan followed Mr. Ajayi as Principal and served from 1945-49.

Chief J.A. Osanyin
The late Chief J.A. Osanyin who stepped-in in 1949 was, to date, the longest serving Principal (1949-66).

Mr. Adelowo

Mr I.A. Adelowo
Mr I.A. Adelowo took over from Mr. Osanyin and was Principal for approximately a decade (1967 -1976).

Mr. Masir

Mr W.O. Nasiru
Following Mr. Adelowo as Principal was Mr W.O. Nasiru. Mr. Nasiru was the first and (so far) the only almnus Principal (1976-79).

Alhaji Kanmi Arowosaiye
Following Mr. Nasiru was Alhaji Kanmi Arowosaiye. He was Principal from 1979 to 1993.

Mr. Joe Ajala

Alhaji R.O. Ajala
Alhaji R.O. Ajala is the current Principal. He took over as Principal in 1993.