Old Students Association

There is a vibrant and very active alumni association named Offa Grammar School Old Students Association (OGSOSA). There is an apical national organ of the body to which all other branches are affiliated. The old students have been notable in staying in constant touch with the alma mater, and in continually assisting in every sphere of its development, be they in areas of physical, manpower or equipment needs. Indeed some class sets and branches have constituted themselves into smaller units for the purpose of identifying and providing the much required direct assistance for specific areas of needs.

The National Secretariat of the Association is headed by the President who current is Chief Femi Olukanmi. His Royal Majesty Oba Oladele Olashore, (the Aloko of Iloko Ijesha, Osun State) was the immediate past President. Chief Jide Falokun is the current Vice-President while Mr (Engr) Bashiru Oladipo, of 1965/69 and 1970/71 sets, and a one time Senior Prefect (1971), is the General Secretary.

Apart from these distinguished personalities, there is a limitless list of highly dignified old students, some of whom are senior citizens, who are national and international prominent figures and who have made their marks in various spheres of life. Go to Alumni Achievers.

There is a great need to have branches of OGSOSA overseas especially in the advanced industrialized countries, and this is a challenge to the numerous old students in the Diaspora.