Principals Graduation Address - 2013

Principal's Speech at The 66th Graduation,
Speech and Prize Giving Day Ceremony of Offa
Grammar School, held on Monday 8th July 2013
at Shofoluwe Hall

All Protocols.

I am happy to welcome you all on this momentous occasion of our annual Speech and Prize Giving Day Ceremony. Today's ceremony is another milestone in the annal of the school's history.

We give glory and honour to our heavenly God who has made all things possible for us to witness this day.

I do not wish to treat you to an unduly lengthy speech considering the time constraint on our programme and the distances some of our guests would still have to travel at the end of the ceremonies today. You will therefore permit me to share with you the following situational reports in respect of the school.

The school population as at today stands at 2194 students made up of 1090 and 1104 from the Junior and Senior school respectively, it is made up of a total of 1,118 boys and 1076 girls altogether. This is a relatively high figure for a school of 37 streams. This picture is attributed to the usually high demand for admission into the school.

Owing to the problems associated with overbloated classrooms and the attendant poor supervision of students by teachers, I would want to passionately appeal to the general public to curtail the pressures usually mounted on principals at admitting students above what the school can cope with for the goodness of the beneficiaries:- the school, the parents and the students. The school is also mainly day
system with less than fifty students presently in the boarding house.

The school is not adequately staffed especially in some subjects chiefly Mathematics, English language, Account, lCT, Biology, Bible Knowledge, Physics, Chemistry and Yoruba.

We are gradually loosing some of our staff to retirement and transfer of service to other states. We are making do with the services of corps members posted to the school to temporarily take care of these inadequacies" The school urgently requires qualified staff for all the aforementioned subjects and it is my earnest appeal to the Kwara State Teaching Service Commission, to get us qualified teachers in good time for the areas so mentioned.

Our major challenges lies with our fence which is weak and discontinuous at several points allowing easy passage and sneaking out of the school compound by our students. This situation is worsen by our location in the heart of the town and completely encircled by dwelling abodes and shops. It is equally relevant to mention at this point in time that the school has been operating under very difficult circumstances but hopefully we are harnessing all our resources to move ahead to retain the past
glory of tile school.

The school equally has a vast land area to practicalise and popularize agriculture among the students. There is need to revive tile school poultry and the orchad as well as to undertake rice plantation in the Fadeama prone areas in the school area. This require material and financial backing.
The Information and Communication Technology Center requires the services of competent staff to handle and manage. We need electronic projectors to facilitate easy access to teachers instructions during computer lessons.

Sporting facilities are inadequate to practice during sports and games. We need well prepared grounds and equipment for other games/sports like hockey, badminton, hurdles, table tennis, etc. Towards this end, I appeal to the ministry of Education and Sport enthusiasts to make funds or materials available for the revival and boost of sport  in our school.

The ongoing rehabilitation work by the CBN is without some pains as the staff and students have sacrificed a lot of inconveniences. Thanks a lot for their maturity and understanding.

The last year May/June 2012 WAEC and NECO results were released. Although it is an improvement over the previous one, much effort is still required to be done.

Quality results were recorded in English Language in both exams. The same cannot be said of the result in Mathematics in both exams. This thus reduces the chances of our students gaining admission into the university. This years result promise to be better.

The economic downturn in the country has adversely affected the fortune of boarding house despite the inherent advantages. The Boarding facilities in the school has been upgraded per kindness of the Central Bank Project. The dinning hall has been renovated with state of the art facilities. We enjoined parents to take advantage of the opportunity to register their wards into our boarding house.

The school encourages active participation of her students in extra-curricular activities. The athletic team has performed above average. Our performance in soccer make us proud as the school qualified for the final of the SHELL football competition but was defeated by no less a formidable team the Kwara football academy (whose main curriculum is football) in a match played at the Kwara stadium complex in IIorin in December last year. The school came first, second and third in the Offa Descendant Union organized essay writing competition among all the community secondary schools in Offa. The school came first in the KITE club organized inter school quiz last year and is on the verge of a back to back victory having qualified for the final again this year.

One of our students Master Ayanca Yinka Joshua was awarded the best commercial student in the 2011 WAEC & NECO exam in Offa LG.A in Dr. Bayo Afolabi instituted award. The school also recorded success in the LEAH·competition organized by the office of the wife of Kwara State Governor Deaconess Omolewa Ahmed. The school recently qualified for the final round of the spelling competition organized by the FABINSA FOUNDATION in Offa LG.A. The school came second and was defeated by Adesoye College Offa at the great debate organized by the Old Students Association to mark the 70th Years Anniversary of the school sometimes in March this year. The school  came second in the A.U.D Offa organized JETS club competition in June this year.

Master Ferni Edundiran of SS 3 was awarded N10,000 bursary by the ARCHERS STUDENTS FORUM CLUB Offa in January this year.

The school came second in the inter secondary- school quiz competition organized by ACHIEVER STUDENTS FORUM of College of Health Technology, Offa Chapter in June this year. The School came first in the Match Past among secondary schools in Offa LGA during this year Children and Youth Day Celebration.

The school came first in the Offa Zone NYSC organized quiz and debate competition also in June this year. This year Inter-house Athletic sport competition could not hold due to the communal clashes and the tight schedule occasioned 'by the hosting of the 70th year anniversary of the school. Of all the clubs and societies that exist in the school, tile Press Clubs, the Literary and Debating society, the Boys Scout, the Health club and JETS club are visible. The JETS club recently designed a traffic light that would have been permanently mounted to ease our traffic problems but for poor finishing and logistic problems. The school literary and debating society is not tired of winning award for all competitions registered for so far.

The M.s.S and F.C.S are equally waking up to their responsibilities I urge all other doddering clubs to get revived by relevant teachers so as to sharpen the future skills of our students. Some of the clubs that need re-awakening, are the geographic society, the Young Farmers club, the Business club, the Girl Guide etc. Other clubs not existing which need to be explored in the school abound.

This year has witnessed certain significant changes in the school infrastructures. This is made possible firstly by the Offa Descendant Union, the Offa Grammar School Old Students Association and of recent the Central Bank of Nigeria Capacity Building Intervention Project. Some of the projects were rehabilitated to commemorate the 70th year anniversary of the school. This included the rehabilitation of the Ludlow hall by the 62 set, the rehabilitation of the basket ball and volley ball pavilion complete with donation of volley ball and lawn tennis accessories and kits by the 1982 set. The erection of cafeteria to modernize a la carte feeding arrangement by the 1995 set the completion of the magnificent and extra large Shofoluwe hall by the OGSOSA family as well as the funding of the construction and delivery of 34 white boards (ten of which were single-handedly funded by Chief Y.F Oyeyemi equally an old student) to be mounted in all the classrooms.

The CBN capacity Building Project that is about to be completed has significantly transformed the school into a golden land full of opportunities for our students to exploit their potential in academic domain.

The face lift and expansion projects presently going on in' the school mosque being single-handedly financed by our living legend and pioneer member of the first set of the school professor M.O Oyawoye is equally worth saluting. I equally call on public spirited individuals and organization to assist to transform the Chapel in to a more worthy edifice.

The school bus is out of use mainly as a result of engine problem. This has denied us of undertaking social and educational outings. We are optimistic that very soon a new bus, packaged by the Central Bank Intervention project will materialize to ease our problems. We wait with bathed breath and are eagerly awaiting the delivery of the bus very soon.

I cannot be unaware of the financial constraints affecting almost all projects but I still need to appeal to our promised donors to undertake the repair of the grounded bus.

Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. It was William Shakespeare who wrote in his seven stages of man. "A" the world is a stage and all the men and woman merely players. They have their exit and their entrances and one man in his part plays many stages "

So you have by now completed your course here. Today is likely the last chance I may have to address you publicly as a body like this.

On behalf of Offa Descendants Union, Parents and Teachers, Staff and the rest Students of this institution, I congratulate you for completing your six years course here. I pray that God will grant all your efforts with huge success.

For those of you who will further your studies I wish you more success In your future academic pursuit. For those who will go for work that is not even available you may be exposed to realities of life when the idealistic theory of the students may not be practicable. You are going to the world where people have knowledge without character, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, do business without morality, worship without sacrifice, act without reason. We pray that the school motto "LABOR OMNIA VINCIT" meaning Perseverance overcomes every difficulty works for you.

There are impending dangers ahead I can only wish you God's guidance by making a success of your career. Remember to be a good ambassador of first your parents, then the school that nurture you to the level of educational attainment, Offa Grammar School and then your" community. Your road to stardom is filled with spikes, slippery terrain, diseases and sometimes death on one side and fortune, good luck and everlasting joy on the other side. We pray you stumble on good fortune. Remember your alma-mata as "a river that forgets its source dries up", so says our elders. Don't ever forget your teachers.

My dear graduating students 'The Alagemo has struggled to bring his off-springs into the world, he cannot in addition be expected to teach them the latest disco steps.

Your parents and teachers have tried their best. It is now left to you to show your appreciation by standing on your own feet.

In ending this reports Mr. Chairman sir, I would like to express my profound and endless thanks to those who have contributed in one way or the other towards the development of the school. May God bless and grant them more prosperity.

Charity they say begin at home. I register our indebtedness to His Royal Highness the Olofa of Offa for his influential roles, the Offa Descendant Union for their concern and interest in the school. The National Secretary of O.D.U for her effort in providing solutions to some of the problems in the educational development of the community. Please permit me to place on record the contribution of Late Chief Honourable Dele Abodunrin, the former O.D.U National Secretary and the chairman of the schools Board of Governors.

While it is right to pay tribute to the above mentioned teams, I think it perfectly justifiable to single out on occasion like this, the outstanding contributions of Offa Grammar school Old Students Association (OGSOSA). In fact they made us what we are and the staff and students are deeply grateful.

The present volume of award to be presented today to deserving students is coming from some charitable channels chiefly Alhaji Azeez Bukoye who is adjudged the star donor and has endowed some prize money for years to come. Our immeasurable thanks and appreciation to him as well as Alhaji Tajudeen Ango and all others who have donated cash and award toward this ceremony.

I also acknowledge the role of the Parents Teachers Association under the chairman, of Alhaji R. S. Popoola for their solidarity. Thanks in no small measure to the Kwara State Government and the Teaching Service Commission for timely payment of staff salaries. We also acknowledge the contributions of the Quality Assurance Bureau, the State Universal Basic Education and the Local Government Education Authority for their supervisory roles. To all the Teaching and Non Teaching staff including the PTA teachers and security staff, I render sincere thanks to you all.

"Slow and steady" it is said "wins the race" and this follows that the continuous efforts of all whose names cannot' be mentioned now have contributed to the school's welfare and we are therefore, grateful to all, including all of you who have sacrificed your generous time to come over here.

The Honourable chairman and Lady Chairperson, the Guest speaker, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I restate my profound gratefulness to you all for your presence.

May you get back to your respective places peacefully.

Thank you.
Badmus R. O.
Principal (J55)
Ibiyeye Bola Wahab
Principal (55)