Academic Excellence Under Osanyin

Principal OsanyinRight from the onset the school had been having excellent results from external examinations. Both the teachers and students have always been noted to work hard. Mr. Osaryin "a born teacher and administrator" made it possible to have all the needed affordable facilities, and he provided a conducive atmosphere for teaching and effective learning. Professor M.D. Oyawoye, one of the pioneer students, rernarked that even before the arrival of Osanyin, the standard in the School could be favourably compared with those of Govemment College, Ibadan. However, the arrival of Osanyin enhanced the quality of performance of the school.

Since 1951 in particular, the academic performance of the students became high, and this climaxed in 1956 when all the students registered for the West African School Certificate Examinations (WASCE) passed, thus recording the first 100% success in WASCE. In 1957, forms 5 & 6 were merged to sit for the WASC, thus ending the six-year programme for the WASC examination. Throughout Mr. Osanyin's tenure as Principal, the performance of the school at the WASCE was all the way very impressive.

Mr. Abioye Oyeleke recalled how Mr. Osanyin overcame the school's shortfall in qualified teachers through the enlisting of the services of undergraduates from the then University College of Ibadan during their long vacation. Among the undergraduates were Mr, (now Prof) Olumuyiwa Awe who taught Physics, Mr. (now Dr.) MO Omolayole (Mathematics); and Mr. O Olumide (Geography and Physical Education).

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