Sports, Social & Discipline


Mr Adelowo's administration was firm, fair and transparent. School rules and regulations were enforced to the letter. Erring students were not spared the cane. The Principal's love of orderliness, neatness and good conduct was almost an obsession.

Improper dressing did not go unpunished. Breaking of bounds to the town without permission by boarders earned expulsion from the hostel. Similarly fighting within the school compound attracted suspension. Late-comers faced disciplinary measures including the cane. Appearing in dirty school uniforms and speaking in vernacular, attracted public disgrace at the morning assembly. Students who were very rude to teachers were expelled.

Teachers were made to be punctual. And for Mr Adelowo it was leadership by example for he never missed school for once, and his presence was felt everywhere within the school premises enforcing the school rules and regulations directly or indirectly.



In sports and drama, the school recorded huge successes and was in the limelight during this time. Ahmed Olaoye revived the school drama group which later on brought glory and honour to the school. The play his group staged during the installation ceremony of the current Oloffa of Offa in 1971 so fascinated the then Kwara State Governor, Colonel David Bamigboye that he awarded automatic scholarship to Olaoye to enable him study in any Nigerian University of his choice. Among his popular plays were

  • sinmi oko
  • Offa, etc, etc.

The plays were staged in many towns, and they received ovations everywhere.


The period between 1968 and 1973 was one of the finest for the school in sports. It was during this time that names of boys and girls such as Ahmed Yahaya (Atinga Woma), Ahmed Adio (Adique), Kareem Adeyemi (Kadoka), Margaret Ajiboye (Miler), Saliu Ojibara (Stanley), Olomoda Ibrahim (High Jump), Raimi Omotosho (Volley Ball) ruled the waves in Kwara State and other parts of Nigeria.

Mr SO Akande (who later became the Deputy Governor of Kogi State) was the Games master during the period. The school participated in many Open atheletics Competitions at Ilorin including inter-secondary schools Urling Smith's/Lady Amina’s Athletics Competition.

Indeed some of the school athletes were presented by the Kwara State Amateur Athletics Association for the all-Nigerian Open Athletics Competition in Lagos. In particular the School 100 yards relay quartet (aka The Four Jets) including Kareem Adeyemi, Ahmed Yahaya, Adisa Adio and Kareem Babatunde being the best in the state represented Kwara State in the Lagos races. As individuals Adeyemi and Yahaya represented the state at the Hussey Shield National Competition in Port Harcourt. Also Biodun Omoniyi became a state athelete and took part in All-Nigerian Secondary Schools Hussey Shield/Lady Manuwa Cup Athletics Competitions.

Ahmed Yahaya and Saliu Ojibara were 2 outstanding football players that the school contributed to the highly successful Kwara State team in the Adebajo Cup Competition in 1971.


In those days, no where else in the town apart from the Railway Station and its club, and the General Hospital, could compete with the elegance, beauty and serenity of Offa Grammar School. Even till date, the public continued to take advantage of the facilities on the School grounds and the good atmosphere for social ceremonies.

For instance, it was at the Offa Grammar School that the installation ceremony of the current Oloffa of Offa took place. Independent day celebrations and anniversary and other national programmes are held there. Many football matches and a host of other activities took place there. The yearly inter-house cornpetitions were crowd-pullers.

Mr Adelowo conso1idated and improved on the landscape of the school by the planting more flowers and by ensuring the maintenance of the lawns and gardens.

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