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Academic Performance

That Offa Grammar School had a rich academic past is not in doubt. Today we are still trying our best to maintain the good standard that has made the school the envy of all. I must say that the setting is not the same as in the past. The situation and the environment have changed especially with Information Technology and socialization. The emphasis is different from what it used to be notwithstanding that the Parents and Staff have a lot to do to get a balance by enforcing the Students to work hard. This is what we do in Offa Grammar School todayand the result is there for us to see. We are doers and not dreamers.Our albatross that has to be checked to sustain and preserve our exploit is the culture of impunity among an insignificant fraction of our team which is more of a national problem.

We give praise to God that with His assistance and the efforts of our dedicated members of Staff, the school has not only maintained last year academic performance, it has surpassed it with additional feat long sought after as one of our Students TAIWO SULYMAN had the singular honour of recording a distinction with aggregate 11 in the last WAEC exam, a position that qualified him to occupy a space in the school honours roll. The result gives us hope that a lot of potential lies with our Students if provided with the right atmosphere. A lot more was required to be done to move the school to the standard that would support real human capital development especially as the trend is towards entrepreneurial development.

The tables below highlight a comprehensive overview of the performance of our Students in both the 2014 WAEC and NECO examinations

SUBJECTS No of Candidates WAEC No of Candidates NECO
No With Credit No With Pass No With Fail % Pass No With Credit No With Pass No With Fail % Pass
MATHS 318 314 2 2 99.36 200 187 13 - 93.5
ENG LANG. 318 211 102 5 66.77 200 192 8 - 96
BIOLOGY 309 222 84 3 72.31 193 188 5 - 97.4
ECONS 307 151 145 11 49.35 187 182 5 - 97.3
GEOG 240 236 4 - 98.74 147 107 40 - 72.8
AGRIC SCI 139 139 - - 100 104 102 2 - 98.1
PHYSICS 156 57 92 7 36.54 97 97 - - 100
CHEMISTRY 156 156 - - 100 97 93 4 - 93
ACCOUNTS 117 117 - - 100 76 76 - - 100
GOVT 148 122 26 - 82.99 103 96 7 - 93.2
COMMERCE 117 116 1 - 99.41 76 76 - - 100
I.R.K 30 29 - - 100 19 18 1 - 94.7
C.R.K 6 6 - - 100 8 4 4 - 50
LIT-IN-ENG 37 15 22 - 41.67 26 22 4 - 84.6
YORUBA 37 37 - - 100 26 22 4 - 84.6
FURTH MATHS 25 11 14 - 45.87 28 28 - - 100
FOODS & NUT. 11 11 - - 100 4 4 - - 100
HOME MGT 2 2 - - 100 2 2 - - 100
CIVIC EDU 318 312 4 - 98.73 200 197 3 - 98.5


1. No of Candidates Presented 318 200
2. No with Minimum of five Credits including English and Mathematics 209 180
3. No with Minimum of five Credits with either English and Mathematics 109 19
4. No with Minimum of five credits without English and Mathematics - 01
5. No with four Credits with English or Mathematics Nil Nil

Current Intervention Efforts

The Old Students Association under class Sets or National Association has been relentless in their struggle to see that their school develops. I have watched with disbelief the ways and manners you are seeking ways to restore the schools glory by enthusiastically taking up projects for rehabilitation and this has equally challenged the authority to want to do more.Over the years, you have used your own ways and means to contribute money and sacrifice time to refurbish and donate a significant part of the school structures viz the science laboratories, the hostels, the classroom blocks, home economic laboratory and many more things that are documented in the history of the school. You have equally built a magnificent hall and provided services viz transportation and water supply. Most of these contributions have remained the legacy that you left behind for the present generation of Students. I must say that O.G.S is enjoying immense support from the OGSOSA.

While it is right to pay tribute to the Association, I think it perfectly justifiable to single out on occasions like this, the current contributions of individuals and groups that have supported and assisted the school in the course of the 2014/2015 academic session.

  • Donation of a high-grade multifunction photocopier and printer by the class of 1983 set.
  • Donation of #100,000 cash by Engineer Paul Adubi of 1975 set used to purchase sporting equipments.
  • Award of scholarship to cover WAEC registration fee amounting to #16,000 each to ten best Students presented by the Yunus Folorunsho Oyeyemi Foundation.
  • The choice of the rehabilitation of the library as a project by the class of 1975 and commencement of spade work to determine the cost involved.
  • The employment of one teacher each in English Language and Mathematics to boost the Staff strength by the class of 70/74 set.
  • Award of scholarship to some final year Students to cover 2014/15 WAEC registration by the 2001 set.
  • The various captions on wooden slab fixed at strategic part of the school premises calling attention to the Students to submit themselves to school rules and regulations and to be worthy in character and learning done by the 2000sets.
  • The clearing and evacuation of huge waste that were illegally dumped by our dirty neighbors at unholy hours at the vicinity of Sofoluwe hall as executed by the National body (OGSOSA).
  • A member of the class of 1987 set Mr. Waheed Lafenwa for funding the repair of damaged doors and ceilings of two classrooms in the junior block.
  • The rehabilitation of the Oyeleke hall which is in an advance stage of completion by the class of 1961/65 set.
  • We equally acknowledge and welcome the intention of the class of 76 to revive the school orchard.
  • We equally salute the philanthropic gesture of the Abuja branch of OGSOSA for their consistent donations of prizes to deserving Students during the school graduation ceremonies.
  • The effort of the home branch of the Association under the headship of Alhaji Jimoh Salako in matters affecting the school is highly appreciated

Other individuals and groups who contributed to the progress of the school include:

  • Mrs. Siyanade Fayiga (nee Oyewoye) who led a team of Christian Yoruba Mothers based in USA and presented an LCD Projector for our use.
  • The ODU North America (ODUNA) Scholarship awards which has been on for some years back has been of immense benefit to our Students.
  • Donation of books by Professor A.B.O Oyediran and siblings to the school library.
  • The KITE Club that has sponsored competitions among Secondary Schools in Offa and awarded prizes of which Offa GrammarSchool has always benefitted yearly.
  • The Zenith Club of Offa that Awarded Scholarship to indigent Students in Offa including those from the school.
  • Lawyer Opadokun Annual Bursary to best Students in Senior and Junior Secondary Schools of which Offa Grammar School is a beneficiary.
  • The Archers club that has consistently awarded scholarship to indigent Students of which the school has equally benefited over time

All the above and many more are interventions that will contribute to impact positively on the life of the Students and the school. It's my earnest appeal to urge other potential helpers to recognize and initiate awards to stimulate not only our Students to greatness but to the staff to spur them for better productivity as "Without teachers appreciation, there can't be any student progress". Theresa Grimm.

CO - Curricular Activities

The school had the singular honour of organizing one of the most colourful athletic competitions this year through which several sporting talents were discovered. The school's relay team in both boys and girls has been quite outstanding this year winning laurels upon laurels. The newly packaged school Bus added glamour to all our outings and expectedly stimulated our performance in this regard. Some of our achievements at the various invitation relays in which the school participated are highlighted below.

GSS OFFA - 3rd 3rd -
ACHS AJASSEIPO - 3rd 1st 1st

In addition, the Super Cup Football Competition organized by Adesoye College was won by the school with the award of a giant trophy.

The school equally featured in the volleyball competition sponsored by M.D of Pioneer Rentals Alhaji Sefiu Oladipo and came third in the male category.

Also Clubs and Societies meetings and activities were carried out as some of them have been shaping the future skills of our Students. The Press Club, the JETS Club, Interact Club, the Health Club and the Road Safety Club have been quite outstanding in their activities while appeal is being made to other waning Clubs to wake up from their dormancy. In January this year, one of our Students, Taofeekat Raji of SS3Sci1 singly represented Kwara State in the Mandatory Continuing Professional Training (MCPT) Essay competition North Central zone comprising of six states and clinched the second position. The school as usual came first in the KITE Club organized essay competition and was presented with a Generator this year.


It is with profound gratitude that I once again register our deep sense of appreciation to all individuals and groups that have been involved in attaining our present performance and sustaining us to the present level we are. The joint cooperation of all and sundry is equally acknowledged. Thanks in no small measure to the following: His Royal Highness, the Olofa of Offa and his traditional Chiefs for their spiritual roles, various Government agencies: the Ministry of Education, Teaching Service Commission, the Quality Assurance Bureau, the NYSC, the Nigerian Police and Civil Defense Corps, the Medical Director of Offa Specialist Hospital and the Federal Road Safety Commission for their various roles in the school.

Finally, it is equally relevant to acknowledge once again the remarkable performance of the Staff of this school for their discipline and responsible behavior which have sustained the peaceful co-existence between the Principals and Staff.


In conclusion, I thank you all for the opportunity given to me to address this gathering. I wish you successful deliberation and journey mercies back to your respective destination.

Long live Offa Grammar School

Long live OGSOSA

Long live Offa

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria




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